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A.G. Guitars

Full service repairs of acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, and other stringed instruments.

Price List

All prices subject to change without notice.


Guitar Set Up

(Includes adjusting neck/fingerboard with truss rod, Setting intonation, tightening any loose screws/nuts, overall cleaning and inspection for any possible issues)


Fret Dressing (All frets at same time)

Filing & polishing existing frets; Set up included



(Replace all frets, filing, polishing;  Includes set up)



Unbound fingerboard

$15 per fret


Bound fingerboard

$17 per fret


Lacquered Maple fingerboard

$19 per fret


Stainless Steel frets

$25 per fret

File down frets - Fingerboard edges $10 per fret
Fingerboard - Filling worn grooves in wood


$10 per fret space

New Nut

Corian / Micarta





Cracked Headstock

(with minimal finish touch-up meaning the crack is still visible but stable enough to withstand string tension)


Loose binding(simple regluing back in place with light touch up of the finish)Minimum $10
 (complete removal of binding, cleaning, and gluing new binding)$100

Neck Reset for acoustic guitar


Neck angle adjustment for electric guitar(Includes truss rod adjustment and bridge height adjustment)$40

Set Intonation (Electric)



Set Intonation (Acoustic)



Install strap buttons



Install "Straplok" buttons




Replacing worn or damaged components


$25 minimum (To Be Determined upon initial examination)

Acoustic pickup installation




Under Saddle Piezo w/ Jack

$40 (plus cost of components)


Under Saddle Piezo w/ Jack and onboard preamp

$120 (plus cost of components)


Transducer w/ Jack

$40 (plus cost of components)


Onboard preamp only

$80 (plus cost of components)

Repair Loose Wire/Jack



Complete Rewire


Starting at $50


(all new wire and caps)



With shielding



With shielding and New Pots

$85 (plus cost of components)

Shielding Existing Set Ups





$40 minimum + parts

Installation of New Tuners (Machine Heads)

Simple swap out and installation


$15 + cost of tuners

Fill and patch screw holes


(+) $10

Plug and re-drill post holes



Structural Repairs

Cracks and Breaks

(Minor re-glue and patch) 



Top, rim, and back cracks


$40 min. (TBD)

Re-glue braces


$15 per brace (TBD)

Repair Finish



Side dot position markers


$5 (each) - most materials

Fingerboard "dots"

(plastic, pearloid)

$20 (each)


(Mother of Pearl, Abalone)

$35 (each)

Bridge Work

New Saddle

(all saddles are compensated for intonation, included with set up)



Corian - Micarta





Through Bridge Saddle



Compensated Bone Saddle



Re-cut saddle slot



Re-Glue Loose Bridge



Shave Acoustic Bridge

(to lower action -- includes deepening saddle slot)


Make and Install acoustic bridge



12 String bridge work


(+) $10

Custom bridge

(includes : Materials, Fabrication, & Installation)


Production Bridge

(Includes: Materials & Installation)



Fingerboard "dots"

(plastic, pearloid)

$20 (each)


(Mother of Pearl, Abalone)

$35 (each)

Other simple fingerboard markers

(snowflakes, diamonds, stars)

$20 (each)

Trapezoid markers

(plastic, pearloid)



(Mother of Pearl, Abalone)



(plastic, pearloid)



(Mother of Pearl, Abalone)


Split Parallelogram

(plastic, pearloid)



(Mother of Pearl, Abalone)


Replacing loose/broken inlay


$30 min (TBD)

Custom inlay

(Any Material)

$50 min (TBD)


For pickup / Addtl switches



For Floyd Rose tremolo